Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Fictional Food Adventure: Making Dickon's Roasted Eggs from The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett


I don't think this is how a roasted egg is supposed to turn out. 

Mary and Dickon roasted their eggs in the hollow at the root of a tree.

As we do not posess any such space within our garden, we decided to try roasted eggs on the embers of our bbq after we'd cooked our burgers. However, the remaining charcoal was obviously still far too hot because after about a minute of sitting amongst them we heard an almighty bang and the egg shot off the bbq and flew through the air. 

The egg is supposed to cook for about an hour, and the bbq is probably not the best place for them. The heat from the charcoal was far too fierce, and despite having made a hole in the shell, it couldn't handle the pressure. Ideally we'd have done it on the warm ashes of a wood fire but, being July, we are not currently having log fires indoors. So, it was a fun experiment, and what was left of the egg inside its shell was actually cooked and it tasted wonderfully smoky; tasty enough to promise me it's worth waiting until the Autumn to try it again on a chilly evening round our cosy hearth, along with a few potatoes. 

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