About Me

I grew up in dear Devon and have stayed in this lovely county ever since, living with my darling husband and two hilarious moglets, Wolfgang and Daphne, who have become quite a feature in my drawings since they came to live with us at 8 weeks old.

Our Victorian house has a big attic room, which we have made into my studio, filled with bookshelves and cosy nooks. I love to go up there and be distant from the sounds of the town and get immersed in the shapes coming to life on my sketchpad.

I have always loved to draw and I have a huge appreciation of children's picture books and novels. As well as drawing pictures of people and animals, I particularly enjoy illustrating my own stories. After illustrating my own Christmas cards to send one year, a suggestion from a close friend spurred me on to try printing my work to sell. Working with a local printer, I launched a range of cards which have flown off the shelves at a selection of beautiful shops. The range has grown and developed and I've had the pleasure of creating some wonderful bespoke artwork for individuals and businesses and have illustrated Estella and the Falling Star by Coralie Sparkles.

It's wonderful to be be able to produce something unique to offer customers, and to create affordable art for people to decorate their home with. If you're interested in finding out about commissions or sourcing cards and prints, click on the tabs at the top of the page. 

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