Thursday, 30 July 2015

Bookish, Mermaidy-type of News. (EEeeek!)

Well, I'm a bit over-excited today, because I'm finally allowed to share some superbly exciting news.

I'm illustrating a book!

It's written by the wonderful children's author, Coralie Sparkles (or Amy Sparkes, to the rest of the publishing world.) She is really rather brilliant, and she has created some truly excellent picture books, just take a look here, the list is growing ever longer!

Authors always seem to live far away, in a distant, magical land of books. But this one happens to live in the next town from mine, about ten minutes from my doorstep to hers. Which is brilliant, because it meant that I got to meet her and invite her to the library, and to attend one of her writing courses. It was such an encouragement when she showed an interest in my illustration, and bought some of my pictures. When she asked me a certain bookish question early this Spring, you can guess that I didn't need to hesitate to answer with a massive, grinny YES!

Not only am I illustrating my first book, but that book is about MERMAIDS!!! What could be more fun? I've had such a brilliant time choosing hairstyles and tail colours, drawing plaits and curls and seaweed and fishes. 

As well as sharing a love of mermaids, Amy and I both also love Twinings Lady Grey Tea. There have been many mugfuls shared already, and many more to come as we draw near to producing our finished book and planning all the exciting events to celebrate its publication. 

Hurrah and whoop-whoop!

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