Thursday, 28 May 2015

Fictional Food Adventure: Reading What Katy Did at School by Susan M. Coolidge

Although I'm quite certain that I have read What Katy Did at School before, I don't seem to remember any of the story. I have quite vivid memories of the last book in the series though; What Katy Did Next. This second book has a very different feel to the first book about dear Katy, and I don't think it really has the same substance, but it is a sweet book. 

Unfortunately, the copy I have is the worst book I have ever encountered for typing errors. It is one per page, or at least one per double page spread. It's quite appalling. Mostly, there's a lack of full stops, but also lots of omissions of speech marks. There are also quite a few instances of numbers instead of the letter "s". I have to say it is rather distracting from the flow of the story, but I am trying desperately to overlook it. I need to invest in another copy at some point!

Anyway, part of the fun of What Katy Did at School is in the fact that she is away at school. Some of the expected home-sickness, however, is lessened by the fact that her lovely sister Clover is there with her. They are very close, and are good, loyal friends. 

The main point of them being at a boarding school is to be around other children their age and learn to have a bit of fun. Their perceptive father, Dr Carr, is aware of how serious young Katy has become, after her long seclusion as an invalid, and the role of housekeeper being thrust upon her early in life. Desirous that she should not become old before her time, he wastes no time in finding a suitable school that comes highly recommended.

The upside to being far away from home is the letter writing, and the chance of receiving parcels. A taste of home, in the form of baked goods at Christmas, is a very welcome treat in the middle of winter. The Carr family's cook Debby is a baking marvel, and it is one her excellent biscuits that I am bound to try and make from this story.  

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