Sunday, 31 May 2015

Fictional Food Adventure: Making Debby's Jumbles from What Katy Did at School by Susan M. Coolidge

Well, it's the good old creaming method again for this one. I am getting better at it, I think, but not any more of a fan of it!

This dough is very similar to the dough for Mary Poppins Jam Cakes, and is really simple to make. It produced a very wet, sticky dough, so I was very generous with the flour when forming my rings. I divided up the dough into about 15 rough balls, and got my hands floury, to roll them into long 'worms' which I then made into rings, squeezing the ends together firmly. It was very squidgy and felt like flumps under my hands. These went onto a baking tray and were brushed with milk and sprinkled generously with caster sugar. They emerge lightly golden and still a little soft inside, as they are really a sort of cakey biscuit. I had a bit of fun making a few that were just long and straight, and a few little round 'wingolas' with the leftover mixture. 

I had added the zest of a large satsuma, as I was lacking a lemon, and it added a nice warm citrus flavour, fitting with the tastes of Christmas Day, when Katy and Clover open their gifts and sit in bed with Jumbles on their fingers, nibbling away at the treats made by Debby at home.

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