Thursday, 20 September 2012

Taking Off

I love my boots. I am not engrossed in fashion or the need to keep up with others. I don't care about brands and designer labels. I just like really comfy boots. The boots I have are Doc Martens Authentic Wedge boots and I am convinced they give me more energy. They make the street feel more bouncy and my legs feel stronger and longer. They make me feel like I could Pogo all the work and they make me take two stairs at a time.

Yesterday as I walked down the high street I had a definite spring in my step. 

The combination of the cooler air, the thought of going home for lunch to see the Kitties, and the boots I was wearing all added to the bounce in my stride and the urge to skip along, to run, to leap, to take off. 

I really felt at that moment that if sheer willing was all it took to fly, I could will myself along and up into the air.  I will remember this feeling when I am trudging along tired and heavy or hot and flagging. I am glad for my legs and I must remember to use them to their fullest while they are young and strong.  I love the feeling of stretching them to step up our step Victorian steps. I love striding in my boots.

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