Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Number Ten

Ginger Fig is a delicious shop in Bath Place, Taunton. 

They sell all sorts of lovely stuff and have a gorgeous, light, airy gallery upstairs to support local artists. They are also situated on a very cute little street.

One reason I particularly like them is that they have just agreed to stock my greetings cards, which makes them the tenth shop to make that jolly wonderful decision and means I am exactly 2 thirds of the way to my goal. 

When I first set out to print my cards and sell them a few short months ago I decided that I would aim for 15 shops to stock my cards by Christmas. Don't ask why I chose that number and that date, it's just a goal and I find it helpful to have a deadline and an aim. 

So onwards I go, seeking out lovely inviting shops that I would love to shop in myself, asking their owners or managers to please take my cards. I have learnt a lot so far and I'm sure there are many things I still need to be taught, like don't leave THAT off your invoice, you Wombat. 

The lovely Catherine of Ginger Fig has also asked if I have any prints of the colourful animal designs that she could stock, mounted, alongside the cards. And I don't. But, I will! 

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  1. And you have!! Great to meet you today and so glad we had a sale right under your nose. Really love your work, and looking forward to seeing more.