Sunday, 26 April 2015

Fictional Food Adventure: Reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Ian Fleming

Well, it's highly likely that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang will be the only book of Ian Fleming's that I will ever read. The only things this story shares with his novels about James Bond are food, adventure, and cars. The fact that 007's creator wrote this story has always slightly amused me. I mean, where did it come from? He never wrote any more books about Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, or any other children's books. The series however, has now been developed by Frank Cottrell Boyce, fabulous author of Millions, Framed, Cosmic and more. 

I wonder what Ian Fleming enjoyed writing about more, the magical motor or the slick spy? I did enjoy a few of the more dated Bond films when I was younger. Our family favourites were The Living Daylights and License to Kill, both of which starred Timothy Dalton, who has (in the Wrigley's most humble opinions, never been improved upon.) What could be a better action scene than he and a lady cellist hurtling down a snow-covered mountain side to escape the villains, riding her open cello case as a twin-sled and using the cello to steer and fend off bullets. I'd have been very happy if James had married that sweet cellist but alas, as he is not the settling down type, it was not to be. And yes, I do know the back story to his womanising but I still don't like his habits. And the newer Bond films feature so much cruelty and nastiness that I can't watch them. 

Andy has very sweetly read Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to me, and it's produced many a grin from us both. Its language and phrasing is rather dated, but it's a great read. If you have only seen the film, you may think you know this story, but the filmmakers were obviously only inspired by the one idea of the book, rather than the plot itself. They even did away with the children's natural mother to introduce the romance with Truly Scrumptious. Andy used to love that film when he was younger, and saw it many times. I only saw moments of it and don't know it well at all. I've bought the dvd as a treat for finishing the book, so we're just about to settle down to it's musical fancy brilliance. But it's been fun discovering the real CCBB. It's very charming, and good fun. And it features a very enticing picnic including lots of bottles of lemonade and squash, sausages, hardboiled eggs, bread and butter sandwiches aaaaannd .... Jam Puffs! 

Picnics are one of my most favourite things in the world and no picnic is really complete without sausages. We'll soon discover whether Jam Puffs are as indispensable, won't we! I'll be making some soon, so stay posted. And I might need help eating them all. Anyone?

By the way, for my loyal followers, you'll be pleased to know that I'm on track to complete my challenge because I'm now over halfway through the list of books. I have read 12, with 3 on the go currently and 7 still to go. On the recipes side of things, I have made 17 things,12 still to go. So I am getting there, and feeling spurred on. 

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