Friday, 5 July 2013

A Window of Opportunity.

After a fun day creating playful kittens on the glass of the shop window at Inside Out today, I have come home to our two darling kitties, who are slightly less full of beans! (Thank goodness they don't climb the curtains anymore ... much.) 

Inside Out is a very excellent shop in Exeter that sells delightful gifty, homey things, kids toys, jewellry, art, scarves and dresses, cards, jugs, mugs, and a plethora more, including my
animal cards and prints. The jolly lovely staff asked me to decorate their window, to enhance a new display of stock. 

Despite being slightly awed by the request I did not hesitate and today was the day to carry it out. All the stock had been cleared from the platform behind the glass and the previous design had been (sadly) erased with plently of hot soapy water and a lot of determined scrubbing from Amanda. 

So set before me was a blank canvas, all ready and waiting.

My design had to act as a frame to the stock so it couldn't obstruct the view or have anything too high in the middle.  Hence, true to form, I chose kittens. 

Many of my cards feature cats and I know I have a sympathetic supporter in all the staff at the shop, and I chose a tall lamp and a curtain to add context to the kitten's playtime. This also tied in with the type of items Inside Out sell for the home, including very striking lampshades.  I went for a pale palette, as, from experience, Amanda advised that it shows up best against the shaded interior of the shop. With the kittens in white, and the lamp and curtain in pale blue and pink it compliments the colours of the lovely objects that will be gathered together upon the platform. 

It took a while to get used to the pens and their ways, but eventually got comfortable with them and knew what to expect from them. I would definitely love to do this kind of thing again, I thoroughly enjoyed it all. It's a shame I'm not allowed to draw on the windows at work, maybe Andy will let me have a go in our house?

Another bonus of today was that Inside Out had arranged for some PR to promote the work of the shop and their encouragement of and keeness for 'Handmade Partners'. It is the label given to individuals like me, who supply them with stock to sell, usually on a Sale or Return basis. I can honestly say that Inside Out have proved to be the most hassle free and smooth of all the shops I supply to. I have never had to chase an invoice as they pay automatically without me having to lift a finger. If any of you creative lovelies are looking for an outlet, I urge you to approach them. The PR has been organised through an Exeter based company called One Voice, so their very charming Rachael came along to Inside Out while I was drawing, to see how I was getting on. She asked me lots of very good questions and we had a nice chat and a bit of a photo-session. (My least favourite part.)  

So hopefully, the combination of my efforts today, with the vision of Inside Out and the wider Princesshay development, along with some magic from One Voice, will show everyone how excellent it is to be involved with an inspiring Independent shop who loves to showcase local artists and makers. 

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