Tuesday, 18 December 2012

'Ableness' to draw

I was just thinking about the fact that the amount of people I know who draw is kind of a small amount. A really sadly small amount. So if I wanted to chat to someone about drawing, or do some sketching with someone, the chances are I'm gona be a pencillish geek on my own. 

But why is this? Why do people not draw more? Why do people think they can't draw? 

It seems to me that people must be wrong. 

All kids draw. Whether they are gifted at it or not. Small kids are not afraid to draw and they are always pleased with their results. 

Bigger kids are sometimes slightly scared to draw and often disappointed with their results, if it doesn't seem as good as their friends' pictures. 

Adults only draw if they know they are truly, deeply good at it. 

But somewhere in there there's room for exploration. Like, why would we assume that just because we're not making masterpieces at 11yrs old that we cannot draw? Or that it wouldn't require some effort to get better at it? I bet a whole heap of adults would actually get something out of sketching and scribbling but they are too scared. And even if they had a go they might stop again if the first thing they drew wasn't great. But scribbling is fun. It's even more fun if you completely let go of any expectations; most of all your own. Don't expect anything. Be surprised. Take chances. Screw up the drawings you don't like and throw them in the bin. 

Don't expect your work to look like other people's. It won't. Just like your fingerprint, the marks you make on paper are completely individual. 

Pencils are cheap and you can carry one round in a handbag with a small pad of paper and sketch wherever you get a chance.  And come over and have a cuppa and talk to me about it!

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