Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Stuff and Nonsense

I have had a major clearout of our studio in the last few days. I love Bank Holidays and I love getting out and about, come rain or shine. But I also LOVE to go up in the attic and SORT. 

I have been exploring this drawing-writing dream of mine for almost a decade, at varying strengths and in different ways. I have accumulated A LOT of sketchbooks, notebooks, first, second, third and fourth drafts, roughs, final drawings, scribbles, notes, records, receipts and general PAPER. 

I do not need it all. 

I do not want most of it. 

Enter the bin bags and shredder. 

I have had so much fun, getting rid of HEAPS of stuff that I don't need, and making room in folders and drawers for a new season of productivity and of pursuing my dream. The kittens have also had a lot of fun, surfing the waves of paper that spread across the floor as I flung it do its destiny. I have been ruthless but considered. In the process I have gazed at drawings that were once the best I could do. Illustrations that were once so precious that I carefully filed them, trying not to smudge or rip them, now have no value to me at all. I do not wish to do anything with them and they are too numerous to keep as mementos. 

I am aware that in such cases it is advisable not to get carried away in the frenzy and satisfaction of throwing things in bins, so I did exercise due caution, BUT I had a jolly good time too. 

I hate clutter. I hate stuff for the sake of stuff. I love clear desks and tidy drawers. Things within reach and a place for everything. That does not mean that I accomplish this all the time. I often have piles AND PILES of stuff that is waiting to be put away or sorted through. But the desire is there. I love my home and I love it even more when it's well organised and the only things in it are those I choose to be there. 

It is easy to get bogged down by the compulsion or obligation to keep things, but I must evangelise that it is extremely liberating to JUST GET RID OF IT.  NOW! Do you like it? Do you ever look at it or use it? Why let it take up space that could be used for something that deserves to be there? 

I know that when I settle down to get creative or get on with some admin, I will do so without the distractions and delays that clutter brings. When I need to file an invoice, instead of wading through reams of paper, and frustratingly moving heaven and earth to find somewhere half sensible to put it and will then forget again next time, I will calmly, and with a serene smile, pick up my folder, file my sheet and put it back WHERE IT BELONGS. Three cheers. 

I hope you have fun de-cluttering and reorganising. Crack open a new box of labels and boil the kettle. You may be there some time. 


  1. With you all the way! A good declutter is therapeutic in the extreme and I think it makes room for the next splurge of creativity to come forth!

  2. Kathy! The very reason I even know you is that you entered Mum's life through a talk about de-cluttering. Do you remember? She came home raving about you and promptly filled a few bin bags. She has never been a hoarder but you spurred her on even more. She said to me only the other day, "I love throwing stuff out. If I have nothing left to throw out I just tidy what's left!"

  3. I feel very inspired reading this - it is my dream to be organised. From time to time I have a big declutter like the one you described, but it can get a little overwhelming for me!!