Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Importance of Being Scribbly.

There are times when I am bit scared to draw. I am scared that what I put on the paper is just not going to be anything as good as I mean it to be and I know I'll feel disappointed and discouraged. If you're drawing all day, every day, a certain consistent confidence comes but I very often go for days or weeks without doing any drawing, which is not how I like it. The intervals between putting pencil to paper mean that these precious drawing times have more pressure on them to be successful. When tomorrow is full of other work and today is THE day to be able to move on creatively, there is an urgency about it that can make me timid and hold back instead of being bold and expressive.

At the beginning of days such as these, I find it helpful to have a few minutes of doodling about with no agenda at all.  I scribble and draw silly creatures, happy little faces, or even just meaningless squiggles for a while. This helps me to get familiar and relaxed with the pencil again, and also to get the nib from the harsh, just-sharpened feel to a slightly softer tip.

I just wanted to encourage any of you who draw, or do anything creative, to be carefree once in a while. Draw, write, sew, sculpt something that is almost certain to look rubbish, it doesn't matter. No-one has to see these scribbles, they aren't there to impress. Although you will almost definitely throw them away, they have value and will affect how confidently you approach your work for the day.

Think of it as a warm-up. You wouldn't think of going for a run without stretching your muscles first. Give yourself a chance and get loose. 

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